The Board of Directors of the Motor Freight Carriers Association today elected David Stubblefield, president and CEO of "big four" LTL carrier ABF Freight System, as the organization's new chairman.

He replaces Michael Wickham, CEO of Roadway Express. Wickham has been chairman of MFCA for the past three years and was the guiding force behind the successful negotiation of the 1998 Teamsters' National Master Freight Agreement.
"I believe we have a real opportunity to continue expanding the dialogue we have developed with the leadership of the Teamsters on those issues affecting the economic health of unionized truck companies," said Stubblefield.
"I am delighted with the Board's election of David," said MFCA President and CEO Tim Lynch. "He brings over 40 years of trucking experience. More importantly, he has been directly involved in the formation and growth of the Motor Freight Carriers Association since its start in 1997."
MFCA is the national trade association representing the unionized general freight carriers. It consists of six carriers: ABF Freight System, A-P-A Transport, Consolidated Freightways, New Penn Motor Express, Roadway Express and Yellow Freight System. MFCA is on the worldwide web at