Strategic Concepts (, of Bentonville, Ark., has released its new vehicle monitoring system,
an interface that allows users of Strategy5 trucking software to download state line crossing odometer readings, driver and vehicle statistics and vehicle fault codes over tracking systems such as Aether Systems (formerly Motient and American Mobile Satellite) and Qualcomm.
The system monitors GPS coordinates and odometer readings to create an automated system for reporting mileages for fuel tax. This feature, combined with automated fuel purchase tracking, eliminates much of the manual labor involved in fuel tax reporting.
Driver information, including speeding, hard braking, fuel MPG, idle and drive time, is recorded daily and analyzed to reveal driver habits and tendencies. Dispatch personnel are notified immediately when driver performance appear beyond acceptable levels.
Vehicle fault code monitoring through the industry-standard J1708 data bus tracks up to 25 different parameters and fault conditions such as engine out of position, dangerous temperatures or pressures and engine RPM. Faults are immediately reported to the dispatcher.
Strategy5 is an integrated package of more than 60 modules for managing small to medium-sized trucking, brokerage and logistics companies.