Pennzoil is providing customers with Arsenault fleet maintenance software in a first-of-its-kind marketing arrangement.

Pennzoil-Quaker State Company of Houston markets Long-Life Heavy Duty Multigrade Engine Oil, among other products. Arsenault Associates of Atco, N.J., designs and distributes Dossier32 fleet maintenance software.
According to a press release, Pennzoil has been placing Dossier32 software with qualifying fleets since July of 1999. But the program was recently relaunched, allowing Pennzoil fleet customers a choice between software installed on their own computers or run over the Internet using Arsenault as an ASP (Application Service Provider).
The online version of Dossier32 is called 24/7 Fleet Online and can be run from any computer with Internet access. Using the program over the Internet means less setup time and provides access to fleet data from virtually anywhere. A fleet maintenance manager can be up and running in a matter of days, scheduling preventive maintenance, tracking warranties, automating parts inventory and more.