According to a national survey conducted for the American Lung Association, voters overwhelmingly support clean diesel trucks and clean diesel fuel.

The survey was released as the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency nears a final decision on a plan to require dramatically cleaner big rigs and buses starting in 2007. EPA would also require that refiners remove nearly all the sulfur from diesel fuel.
"This survey underscores the broad and deep public support for final action this year to clean up big diesel trucks and diesel fuel," said John R. Garrison, CEO of the American Lung Association. "It's time for EPA to move forward now to protect the public from the harmful emissions from big diesel vehicles."
The survey suggests voter support for clean diesel fuel has intensified since last summer. Nearly nine of 10 voters favor requiring production of cleaner diesel fuel, and 84 percent of voters say it is personally important to them to require the production of cleaner diesel fuel. In addition, nine of 10 voters favor requiring 18-wheelers and other diesel vehicles to use the best available pollution control technology even if it costs them more money.