Customers of pFreight, a new Internet transportation marketplace, will be able to get banking services online thanks to a new agreement between pFreight and CompuBank.

Through a cobranded pFreight/CompuBank site,, pFreight subscribers are being offered a host of banking services including free basic checking and savings accounts, free ATM/debit cards, free domestic wire and account transfers and free online bill payment.
A unique benefit for drivers that is planned is a direct link between their bank account and fuel card, which will allow real-time funding of their fuel transactions
"CompuBank fits the pFreight business model very well," said Scott Moscrip, pFreight president. "CompuBank brings its banking expertise, online account management, payment processing and technology to pFreight, and together, we are able to provide the transaction processing needed to lower costs for all parties."
Sandy Orr, vice president of e-Commerce at Ryder, which is the main funder of pFreight, says online banking reduces drivers' risk of carrying cash and also provides access to Ryder's fuel network, where drivers can receive fuel discounts.
In addition to online banking, pFreight members enjoy offerings such as billing and collections, freight location, insurance availability and vehicle repair services.