The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance has more than quadrupled the number of its Inspection Familiarization Seminars.

Last year, 10 seminars were held in various locations throughout the United States. This year, 42 seminars will be held in the U.S. and one is scheduled in Ontario, Canada.
Experienced professional CVSA instructors with a strong background in commercial vehicle safety and maintenance conduct the seminars. The seminars are put on with the help of J.J. Keller, a leading safety compliance and training organization.
By attending a seminar, truck operators learn how to avoid having a vehicle put out of service as the result of a roadside inspection and how to meet the CVSA Critical Item Inspection criteria and earn a CVSA decal. The information acquired in these seminars also helps fleets strengthen safety maintenance programs.
For more information about the seminars, where they will be located, and how to register, call CVSA at (301) 564-1623. Seminar registration is $199.