The U.S. Department of Transportation has released a study that focuses on the shortage of available parking for big rigs on or near interstates, and trucker fatigue that is so closely associated with the issue.

The study, conducted by the National Transportation Safety Boad, concluded that in order for any real solution to be found, all areas of the trucking industry must participate to come up with a remedy. They also said that truckers need to be informed on parking locations, both before and during trips, and that states should do their best to eliminate or modify time limits at public rest areas.
The Federal Highway Administration and the Federal Motor Carrier Administration was also asked to collaborate on a "Truck Parking Guide" to help inform drivers about the locations of all parking areas across the country.
"Federal and state governments have the responsibility to maintain highway safety," the report said. "And the lack of available truck parking or the truck drivers not knowing where parking made its recommendations in September, the report is now available online at Printed copies will be available while supplies last from the Public Inquiries Branch, or for purchase from the National Technical Information Service - see for more information.