, an exchange for grain producers and buyers, is launching a load finding service for the trucking industry.

LoadScout, expected to go live mid-December, will use both the Internet and traditional delivery methods such as phone and fax to allow shippers and carriers to post and search for loads.
A key part of the new service is an instant notification feature, which will allow a trucker to receive information on a preferred load within seconds after it is posted by a shipper in the system. The trucker can then contact the shipper directly and accept or reject the load.
Truckers can also choose to be notified of loads via the Internet.
By logging onto the LoadScout site, carriers can enter specific criteria for the load they are seeking, such as the equipment, direction they're heading, or preferred destination.
Carriers can check the credit of a shipper through Credit USA (free) or Dun and Bradstreet (for a fee).
Loads are kept fresh by having shippers enter an expire time when they post a load.
The service is subscription-based. Unlimited postings and searches are permitted for $65/month, $350/six months, or $600/year. If you register between now and Jan. 15, you can get two months free or 14 months for $400.
Len Herstein, LoadScout product marketing manager said the company has 50,000 loads committed so far this year. Most are from the ag business in areas such as grain, construction materials; and equipment on flatbed.