VISpatch is a customizable truck dispatch software system developed specifically for small fleets (up to 75 trucks).
A Windows-based system that is easy to use, it uses a complex relational database technology to help dispatchers automate many of their typical daily tasks.
Developed by Savage Solutions, the system is basically an automated version of a dispatcher’s white board, combined with a day-planner. Information only has to be entered once, eliminating double entry, and is integrated into the fleet’s business system to allow automation of many business functions.
Once a load is entered, VISpatch automatically calculates the mileage, suggests a route and provides approximate driving time. Symbols are used to show the status of each trip.
Because VISpatch interfaces with a fleet’s existing accounting system, it can automate various tasks, such as billing, driver settlements and fuel tax reporting. A variety of real-time management reports are available, including revenue per mile and cost per mile.
Savage Solutions, an information technology provider for the trucking industry, builds each system specifically for a fleet, based on its needs and requirements. Since the system’s screens and entry forms are based on the fleet’s paperwork and paper flow, it takes little time to get used to operating the system, said company officials.
VISpatch can also do fleet maintenance planning and tracking. It can link to a fleet’s satellite tracking system.