British police have reversed plans to prevent fuel protestors from driving to the center of London tomorrow because of a smaller than anticipated turnout.

According to published reports, members of the People's Fuel Lobby met with senior Metropolitan police officers last night to discuss the situation.
“After reviewing the current situation and numbers of vehicles expected, we have renegotiated the arrangements,” a spokeswoman for Scotland Yard said today.
Bans on rigs entering the heart of the city and a ban on trucks over 40 feet long will remain in place.
About 20 trucks began participating in the go-slow convoy this morning heading Northeast towards London. About 10 members of the public followed them in passenger vehicles, along with a group of eight Greenpeace members in three rigs, reports said.
Stephen Alexander, solicitor for the People’s Fuel Lobby, said that since the agreement was reached, protesters have had several calls from other truckers saying they would join the convoy.
"People were put off by the language police were using, but that has now relaxed," he added.
The protesters hope to reach London tomorrow, where they plan to hold a march and rally in Hyde Park, after deciding that concessions in Chancellor Gordon Brown's Pre-Budget Statement last week did not go far enough.