Qualcomm announced the commercial release of its MVPc in-vehicle computer as well as the signing of software and hardware agreements with onboard computer supplier XATA Systems.

Alan Ritchey Inc. of Valley View, Texas, and E. Stewart Mitchell Inc. of Baltimore are the first two fleets to buy MVPc units. The in-vehicle computer is designed to work with Qualcomm's OmniTRACS and OmniExpress mobile communications systems. It uses the Windows CE operating system to run custom and third-party applications, allowing fleets to run specific software suited to their operations. It could also be used to give drivers access to the Internet while on the road.
Alan Ritchey will equip its postal transportation, dairy, and feed mill fleets with the MVPc to help lower overhead costs and make operations more efficient.
E. Stewart Mitchell, a national private fleet in asphalt transport and distribution, will use MVPc to streamline operations and improve customer service.
New agreements signed with XATA will provide key applications for use on MVPc. Initial software to be provided will automatically maintain complete electronic records for drivers hours of service, as well as record mileage, state line crossings, and fuel tax data.
The new application is in field testing and is expected to be commercially available in the first quarter of 2001.
Qualcomm has also agreed to provide XATA its Satellite Communications Modem (SCM) for the SmartCom application suite and XATA OnBoard information system.
SCM provides two-way data communications that allows users to communicate, collect, and manage data from on-board computers or any device that interfaces with an RS-232 or J1708 port.
XATA hopes to use SCM to provide a real-time logistics management solution for private fleets and other transport segments. Message and position reports will be processed through Qualcomm's Network Management Center.