Canacar, Mexico’s national trucking association, plans to file a formal complaint this week with the Trade and Industry Ministry against U.S.-owned trucking company Transportes EASO.

According to published reports, Canacar claims that EASO, a company owned by Memphis-based M.S. Carriers, may not legally carry freight between destinations inside Mexico under the North American Free Trade Agreement.
Canacar President Miguel Quintanilla said the group would refuse to back away from its demand that the ministry review the situation and devise a solution before the administration of President Ernesto Zedillo leaves office Dec. 1.
"This is not a new problem," Quintanilla said. "We've been dealing with it throughout the administration's six-year term and it's their responsibility to resolve it."
Mexican Communications and Transport Ministry Aaron Dychter has said that the extent of foreign involvement in EASO is not entirely clear and may indeed be in violation of the law.
"What arouses suspicion is that the source of the neutral investment is a foreign company that is engaged in the same activity, that is, transport," Dychter said.