Hundreds of Montreal truckers held a rowdy protest in front of a prominent trucking company in Riviere-des-Prairies this weekend, blocking deliveries to and from several other trucking firms during the second day of their strike over labor issues.

According to the Montreal Gazette, about 1,200 truckers from 41 trucking companies in the area walked off the job Sunday, protesting against their employers' refusal to recognize their efforts to obtain a union-negotiated collective agreement.
More than 500 of the truckers demonstrated outside GT Express as hundreds of containers - some piled 10 or 12 high - sat undelivered in the loading yard.
Truckers chanted and waved picket signs, while others pasted union stickers on the company’s building and the gates of its yard, said the article.
Arthur Sandborn, head of the Montreal Council of the Confederation of National Trade Unions, told the Gazette that the truckers selected GT for a specific reason.
"They've been spreading rumors that we'll break down in three days, that the strike won't last, " he said. "I think that on the fourth day, they're going to start getting nervous."
None of the employees at GT Express would comment on the strike.
The Syndicat National de Transport Routier, an affiliate of the CNTU, has high hopes that the strike will paralyze intermodal transport by targeting companies that work mainly through the Port of Montreal and the CN and CP railways.
"These guys move 3,360 containers of merchandise a day," Sandborn told the paper. "By the end of the week, there's going to be 20,000 containers piled up somewhere, and that's the key to this pressure tactic."
Each of the 41 companies was chosen because they refuse to recognize or are contesting requests for union accreditation.