Republican vice-presidential candidate Dick Cheney visited with truckers in a truckstop in Ohio yesterday, learning about their worries about fuel prices and other issues as part of his "Greatest Generation" bus tour.
According to published reports, Cheney nibbled on apple pie and coffee as he shared a table with truckers at the Petro Travel Center about 15 miles south of Bowling Green.

Thomas Moore, a 35-year-old trucker from Baltimore, let his lunch get cold as he explained that with fuel prices, taxes and the long hours required, many truckers actually make less than minimum wage.
Cheney blamed high fuel prices on U.S. dependence on foreign oil. "We need to work harder to increase our domestic supplies," he said. He told truckers the federal government has the power to make it esaier or harder to manage domestic supplies, adding that "we haven't built a refinery in at least 10 years." He blamed the current administration's increased environmental regulations for hampering refinery development. Under a Bush/Cheney administration, he said, that would change. "You've got to marry up the crude oil and match it up with refinery capacity," he said.
The visit was part of a daylong bus trip down Interstate 75 from Toledo to Dayton, dubbed the "Greatest Generation" bus tour.