Regional LTL carrier Guaranteed Overnight Delivery Inc., Newark, N.J., has implemented a mobile communications system from BellSouth Wireless, Woodbridge, N.J.

The system allows drivers equipped with RIM 950 Wireless Handheld devices to log on to the company’s RoadShow dispatch system with their name, state and odometer reading. The company has equipped 150 drivers initially and plans to double the deployment to 300 by year’s end.
According to BellSouth, the custom system was developed with BellSouth Powertool software – a development kit that allows developers to create custom applications using the RIM 950 over the BellSouth Intelligent Wireless Network.
Because of the system, Guaranteed Overnight Delivery claims deliveries have increased from an average of 12-13 stops per day to an average of 15-20 because drivers no longer need to locate pay phones. The company also claims dispatchers who could manage no more than 20 drivers at a time can oversee 40 to 50 drivers using the BellSouth system.
Guaranteed Overnight Delivery’s trucks with the initials G.O.D. emblazoned on the side are a familiar, sometimes controversial sight on Eastern highways.