A group of truckers and supporters of trucker's issues is calling for a national protest over high fuel prices because they feel the lobbying effort on behalf of the mandatory fuel surcharge legislation for truckers isn’t strong enough.

“We got into this situation as the result of a reduction in the supply of crude oil being produced by the OPEC nations," says John Head, president of Freedom to Express Dissatisfaction with Unfair Practices, or F.E.D.U.P. “Since it seems that Congress is not in any large hurry to help trucking, we'll just have to do it ourselves.”
According to Head, the group plans to eliminate the consumption of as much diesel and gasoline as possible, one day per week beginning October 1 until the end of February 2001. The “boycott” is hoped to cause such a surplus that the oil companies will end up slashing fuel prices to relieve the glut.
F.E.D.U.P. is asking the general motoring public to participate in the boycott by taking one day per week off and not driving by joining a car pool, taking public transportation, etc. The group feels that with the trucking industry and the motoring public participating, prices will fall more quickly.
Information can be found on F.E.D.U.P.’s web site at www.imfedup.net.