Despite protests from citizens angry over loud noise, exhaust, and street damage, truckers living in Charleston, S.C., can continue to park their rigs at home for the rest of the year.

According to the Charleston Post and Courier, Mayor Keith Summey agreed last week to table a measure that would ban truckers from parking any part of their trucks in city neighborhoods for more than an hour. The city will re-examine the idea early next year.
Meanwhile, Summey said the city plans to enforce laws already on the books by keeping an eye out for parked cargo trailers in neighborhoods or trucks left on narrow residential streets.
Officials had been trying to help truckers who park at home and neighborhood leaders who think big rigs are a nuisance come to some sort of compromise.
Ordinance supporters have argued that the trucks put potholes in streets, lower property values and wake neighbors up early in the morning, according to the article.
About 15 truckers addressed the complaints at a hearing in August. They argued that the ordinance would force them to leave their trucks in areas that are prone to burglary and vandalism.