The Truckload Carriers Association and the National Industrial Transportation League have jointly issued voluntary guidelines to help improve treatment of drivers at the dock.

The "Voluntary Guide to Good Business Relations for Shippers, Receivers, Carriers, and Drivers" identifies guidelines that should help improve relations among the four primary parties involved in trucking: shippers, receivers, carriers and driver. The guidelines are not intended to serve as industry standards or to create legal rights or responsibilities, says the ATA.
The guide, a result of TCA's "Just in Time to Wait" management panel, addresses several areas that have been sources of frustration, including treating drivers and shipping and receiving personnel with courtesy and respect; assuring that safe practices are followed; fostering honesty, fairness, and openness in dealings between carriers and shippers, and expediting the movement of equipment.
The project was initially undertaken 18 months ago, to help improve the driver turnover program, which is exacerbated by the poor treatment some drivers receive at loading and unloading docks.
"There was no finger-pointing as to why any one of these guidelines might be necessary," said Richard Durst, president and CEO of Arcic Express, who chaired the management panel. "We started out trying to help improve the driver's working environment, and realized that only addressed one aspect of the relationship."
Contact the Truckload Carriers Association at 703/838-1950 the National Industrial Transportation League at 703/524-5011 or for more information.