A possible trucker fuel blockade scheduled for today in the Canadian province of Ontario may be avoided, thanks to a tentative deal struck between independent truck operators and the province, according to an article in the Ottawa Citizen.

Last-ditch talks yesterday ended with the government promising to force businesses to pay truckers a fuel surcharge if the firms don't agree to do so.
That may be enough to keep the rigs moving, said Bill Wellman of the National Truckers Association (which, despite its name, represents Ontario-based truckers). He told the paper that he was planning on consulting with other members of the association's board and probably wouldn't announce a decision until later today.
The NTA has promised that as many as 2,000 members would park their rigs indefinitely starting today at 5 p.m. Eastern if they didn't provide relief from high diesel prices.
According to the Toronto Star, more than 200 truckers gathered late last night at a weigh scale in Milton, Ontario, preparing for the possible blockade.