Truckers scaled back diesel price protest blockades at Sweden’s largest port cities yesterday when they face accusations of railway sabotage, while fuel protests continued in Spain.

According to press reports, demonstrators were blamed for derailing railway goods wagons in Gothenburg, and Owe Wahlberg, a spokesman for the truckers, told a Swedish news agency that the protests at Stockholm and Malmo were lifted as a result.
A Gothenburg port spokesman said about 60 trucks were still blocking goods terminals.
A spokesperson for the railway said five wagons had been derailed during the day but did not believe they had been sabotaged.
Meanwhile, the fuel protests in Spain continued to expand as thousands of fisherman and farmers throughout the country shut down seaports, surrounded wholesale fish markets and blockaded fuel distribution centers this week to continue their protest against rising fuel costs.
According to the Associated Press, nearly 200 farmers on tractors and in trucks halted fuel delivery to southern and eastern parts of Spain when they surrounded three fuel distribution centers in Lerida, Malaga and Cordoba early Wednesday.
AP reports said that talks were continuing Wednesday between the government and a coalition of truckers, farmers and fishermen, since initial rounds earlier this week produced no agreement.