Modine Manufacturing Co. has been chosen as a supplier for engine exhaust-gas-recirculation coolers for Caterpillar Inc.

Exhaust-gas recirculation is a technique used to reduce diesel engine emissions, primarily nitrous oxide (NOx), and is one of the solutions being implemented by diesel-engine manufacturers to meet emissions standards going into effect in October 2002.
In an EGR system, part of the exhaust gas is picked up from the exhaust manifold and sent back, or recirculated, to the intake manifold to be reburned in the engine. When exhaust gases are cooled and mixed with a fresh-air/fuel mixture, the process lowers the temperature of combustion and helps reduce the formation of NOx and particulate matter in the exhaust.
Modine's first EGR cooler deliveries, from its Joplin, Mo., facility, are scheduled for 2001. The EGR coolers will be installed on Caterpillar engines for the on-highway vehicle market. Caterpillar will offer EGRs on several different engines.