Trucks equipped with Eaton VORAD collision warning systems really do prevent accidents, says manufacture Eaton, and after more than three years of collecting data on more than 1,900 vehicles, they've got the statistics to prove it.

VORAD representatives say the results showed a 78 percent reduction of accidents. In addition, six fleets that were monitored reported 100 percent reductions.
Other highlights of the data, which covered eight fleets in a variety of applications, include:
· One fleet cut rear end and lane change accidents from 0.33 per million miles traveled to zero.
· Another fleet reduced fixed object accidents by 81 per cent.
· A third fleet reduced lane change accidents by 80 percent in 1998. The following year that number was reduced by 76 percent.
· Yet a different fleet with VORAD-equipped trucks was involved in only 14 rear end and lane change accidents in 1999 versus the company's non-VORAD units that were involved in 264 similar incidents.