Cabit Systems Corp., Toronto, Ontario, Canada, will introduce Internet Truckstop Canada at the Truck World 2000 trade show in Toronto later this month. The new Internet freight-matching service is a joint venture with The Internet Truckstop in the United States.

Internet Truckstop Canada can be accessed at Cabit’s corporate website ( The company also provides trucking business software and satellite communications built around its own Palm OS-based in-vehicle software.
Internet Truckstop (, the U.S. load-matching service, was the first such site on the Internet. It currently lists more than 20,000 loads per day for 22,600 subscribers.
Internet Truckstop once had an operating relationship with Canada-based Link Logistics of Mississauga, Ontario. Earlier this year, Link Logistics ( announced a cooperative agreement with DAT Services ( of Portland, Ore., the largest and oldest U.S. load-matching service that predates the World Wide Web.