Freightliner has entered the second phase of its recall of vehicles equipped with the defective Bendix ABS EC 17-1030R electronic control units.

Vehicles manufactured between Feb. 13, 1998, and Aug, 16, 2000, that are equipped with Bendix ABS ECU are included in the recall.
The first priority recall was for bus and emergency vehicles; Freightliner recalled 6,000 of its school bus units on Aug. 28. Of the 39,000 trucks and tractors Freightliner has recalled in this second phase, 35,400 are Sterling branded and about 3,600 are Freightliner branded trucks and tractors.
While the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has not yet required the truck and tractor phases of the recall, Freightliner has officially recalled all its vehicles with the defective Bendix ABS system. According to Bendix advisories, this braking system defect involves 300,000 vehicles industry wide.
Both Freightliner and Sterling dealers will be authorized to perform the warranty work on any Freightliner LLC vehicle that is included in this recall. New ECUs will become available from Bendix in limited quantities beginning in mid-September to address the first phase of recall. To complete the next phases of the recall, Bendix advisories have said ECUs would be available by Spring 2001.
Freightliner advises its customers to call their local Freightliner or Sterling dealers with any other questions or to schedule inspections and repairs.