Democrat Presidential candidate Al Gore received a highly coveted presidential endorsement of the Teamsters labor union yesterday, when the 24-member executive board voted unanimously to support him.
According to Associated Press reports, spokesman Bret Caldwell said the vote came after a poll of rank-and-file members showed "across-the-board support" for Gore. He said the union was especially impressed by Gore's "populist message" since the Democratic convention last month.

Because of the union’s opposition to Gore’s free-trade advocacy, which Bush shares, the Teamsters have been holding out on endorsing the vice president even when other major unions were already doing so.
Teamster's president James P. Hoffa toyed with the idea of endorsing Bush, since the union has been known for supporting Republicans in the past. The union also considered Green Party candidate Ralph Nader, who vocally opposed opening the Mexican border under the North American Free Trade Agreement.