Rumors of a wobbly Volvo/Mitsubishi truck alliance have resurfaced with reported attempts by DaimlerChrysler to take the reins of a troubled Mitsubishi.

According to Reuters news service, Japan’s Ministry of Transport will file a criminal complaint this week charging the country’s number four auto maker with falsifying regulatory reports. The scandal has led to a management shakeup at Mitsubishi, prompting DaimlerChrysler to work out a new deal that reportedly would give it 38% equity instead of the previously agreed-upon 34% and let it appoint a new board member who would act as chief operating officer.
If that happens, say industry analysts, Volvo could have a tough time holding on to its own deal, which calls for Mitsubishi to spin off its truck division and sell 19.9% to Volvo. Some speculate that the Swedish truck maker now wants 100% of the new truck company. Volvo has only said that it's ready to increase its shares "if the price is right and the opportunity presents itself."