Effective Sept. 30, all trucking companies carrying freight for the Military Traffic Management Command must use USBank's PowerTrack Internet based electronic payment system.

MTMC said over 90% of Defense Dept. motor freight movements are made by PowerTrack. While some carriers have complained about the user fee -- USBank charges up to 2% of the freight bill -- MTMC says the reaction has generally been positive.
"The carriers tell us they are now assured of fast and accurate payments," said Tom Hicks, implementation director. In the past, he explained, motor carriers could wait 30 to 90 days to be paid while the paperwork worked its way through Defense Finance and Accounting Service. With PowerTrack most bills are paid within three days.
PowerTrack also provides monthly statements to shippers and carriers, reconciliation of bills, and tracking of goods from origin to destination.
Other modes of transportation will be required to use PowerTrack on or before Nov. 30. More information about PowerTrack can be found at www.usbank.com/powertrack or by calling (800) 417-1844.