Ontario and Quebec transportation ministers signed an agreement last week to harmonize truck weights and dimensions for several vehicle configurations that commonly operate between the two jurisdictions.

The action ended seven years of protracted discussions and negotiations between the Ontario Trucking Association and the Quebec Trucking Association.
Ontario Transportation Minister David Turnbull says the new configurations "will encourage carriers to introduce more stable, safer vehicles that are better for the highway infrastructure (and that are) consistent with our government’s ongoing efforts to enhance road safety, support industry efficiency and protect Ontario’s highway infrastructure."
David Bradley, OTA president, says that the agreement "is an innovative, creative and responsible approach to harmonizing truck weights and dimensions with Ontario’s largest Canadian trading partner, without sacrificing Ontario carriers’ productivity and competitiveness."
While the agreement creates some new complexities, the OTA’s main goals of maintaining Ontario-only configurations and ensuring that carriers using triaxles have productive alternatives have been achieved.
Some aspects of the agreement will require legislation in Ontario. OTA expects a bill will be introduced this fall. The target for full implementation is January 1, 2001.