The Meritor Tire Inflation System, which automatically inflates, monitors, and equalizes tire air pressures on longhaul trailer rigs, has been recognized for an R&D 100 Award, honoring the top technical achievements of 1999.

Co-recipients for the Meritor Tire Inflation System by PSI are Southwest Research Institute and San Antonio-based Pressure Systems International Inc., which developed, manufactures and distributes the Automatic Tire Inflation System.
The Meritor system uses protected compressed air from the air-brake reservoir in the trailer of a longhaul truck to inflate any trailer tire that falls below the system's preset proper, cold-temperature air pressure setting. The tire inflation system delivers air to a leaking tire even as the truck is pulling a trailer down the highway, helping to eliminate blowouts due to low tire pressures during operation.
An indicator light, visible in the rearview mirror, alerts the driver to an excessive air pressure loss, providing advance warning of maintenance or service requirements. A one-way check valve prevents a puncture in one tire from causing air pressure losses in other tires.
The R&D 100 awards, sponsored by R&D Magazine, are presented annually in recognition of the 100 most significant technical accomplishments of the past year. The awards are to be presented in Chicago on September 27, 2000.