Representatives of non-government entities have been invited to participate in the annual joint meeting of the North American Free Trade Agreement's Land Transportation Standards Subcommittee and the Transportation Consulting Group.

LTSS was established to examine land transportation regulations in the U.S., Canada and Mexico, and to explore ways to make standards more compatible. TCG was formed to address issues that affect cross-border movements but are not included in the LTSS work program.
The groups will meet for the seventh time Oct. 23-27 in Jaun del Rio, Queretaro, Mexico. Working groups will discuss driver and vehicle standards, vehicle weights and dimensions, hazardous materials transportation standards, traffic control devices, cross-border operations, rail safety and economic issues, automated data exchange, science and technology, and maritime and ports policy. Only government officials can attend working group and plenary meetings.
Non-government attendees will have an opportunity to voice concerns, provide technical information, and offer suggestions for improved cross-border trade at a listening session on Oct. 23. They are also invited to take part in parallel topical discussions, visits to transportation facilities, and a final briefing on October 27. The U.S. Dept. of Transportation will conduct a briefing on the meeting outcome Nov. 28 at the agency's headquarters.
For more information and registration forms contact Allen Wiener at (202) 366-2892. Reports of past meetings and statements received by DOT can be accessed on the Internet at Refer to Docket No. OST-95-246.