A campaign to boycott petrol stations is continuing across the UK, and organizers hope the movement will help drive down fuel prices.

The “Dump the Pumps” campaign began August 14 with UK motorists being asked to help lower the price of fuel by refusing to buy gas.
Saturday, Aug. 19 marked the first in a planned campaign of protests. Escorted by police, more than 40 trucks, including one emblazoned with a "Dump The Pump" slogan on the trailer and the Road Haulage Association's fuel tax tanker, along with private cars drove through the streets of Cardiff.
The group is focusing on a single oil company boycott and organizers are hoping to enforce the issue of unfair fuel taxation. Results were obtained from 132 petrol stations around the UK that revealed the boycott caused a 38% reduction in daily turnover, a 40% awareness of the campaign and 92% of customers feeling fuel taxes were excessive.
This week, the group launched the "26 Million Motorists In This Country Need Your Help" campaign to raise sponsorship for the boycott.
Information can be found on the Internet at www.boycott-the-pumps.com.