The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has asked for public comment on the Science Advisory Board’s latest review draft of the Health Assessment Document of Diesel Exhaust.

The document was prepared by the National Center for Environmental Assessment within EPA’s Office of Research and Development. It's intended to be a comprehensive review of the potential health effects from exposure to exhaust from diesel engines.
This latest version addresses peer-review comments from the Clean Air Scientific Advisory Committee, which rejected a draft issued late last year. Like previous drafts, the assessment acknowledges that there are many uncertainties regarding the effects of human exposure to diesel exhaust and that assumptions are used to fill knowledge and data gaps. However, it says there is persuasive evidence indicating that adverse human health effects may result from current-day environmental inhalation exposure to diesel exhaust.
The Diesel Review Panel of the CASAC will meet later this year to review this draft. A copy of the Health Assessment Document for Diesel Exhaust is available on the Internet at the National Center for Environmental Assessment’s web site,