A new web site is devoted to tire debris on the nation’s highways -- often known as "gators."

Sponsored by the retread industry and the Tire Retread Information Bureau, www.roadgator.com provides new information on a regular basis on how to minimize the problem of "road alligators."
If you have a high-speed internet connection, you can watch a RealVideo clip of the video, "Dispelling Myths About Rubber on the Road." You can also order the free video on the web site. The video shows how you can tell if road gators actually come from a retreaded tire, as most people think, or if they're from a new tire. An exploding tire shown in the video and on a photo on the front page of the site was never retreaded and not damaged. It was deliberately run with low air pressure, generating excessive heat which caused the tire to come apart. It took less than 50 miles to destruct.
Various articles and studies on the site offer more information about the causes of road alligators and how to prevent them.