iFLEET, Inc., of Roswell, Ga., (www.ifleet.com) the information technology company perhaps best known for its roadside assistance service, has acquired Truckers Helper software, which it will offer to customers through the TruckNet web site it acquired last November.

Truckers Helper has primarily offered trucking specific accounting software to single truckers, owner-operators and small fleets. Formerly available from New Jersey-based Edonna Products and Services Inc., Truckers Helper came in a number of versions, each with specific modules. The one-truck version includes accounting, mileage and fuel tax calculation, maintenance and customer records, driver logs and settlement reconciliation. Customers could also buy a program tutor on a CD.
Accordng to iFLEET, Truckers Helper developer John Ewing will join iFLEET as a managing director of development and will continue to guide enhancements to the product.
"With The Truckers Helper, TruckNet adds a premium business management tool to its portfolio of products and services, further strengthening its leading information/service resource position in the online driving community," said Rusty Gordon, CEO of iFLEET Inc.