A trucker from Maryland has received a $1.3 million settlement after a 1993 accident at a Pennsylvania quarry that resulted in severe injuries that have kept him out of work.

According to the Lancaster Sunday News, James Ryder, Hagerstown, Md., was preparing to load agricultural lime into his tanker at Compass Quarries, Paradise, Pa., in February 1993, when he fell off the top of the truck. Although Ryder said in later court documents that he didn't remember how he fell, he suffered a fractured skull, traumatic brain injuries and cognitive and speech defects. The suit claims that Ryder is unable to work as a result of the accident.
Ryder was working as a truck driver for D.M. Bowman Trucking Co. of Williamsport, Md., at the time of the accident. His lawsuit claimed that Compass Quarries was negligent in failing to provide scaffolding or some other structure on which drivers could stand while opening the hatches on their tankers.
A spokesman for the quarry told the Sunday News that since the accident, Compass Quarries is working to improve safety standards, and has has erected a "rack" with handrails for drivers to stand on.