Union Pacific will investigate Teamsters allegations of wrongdoing by subsidiary Overnite Transportation after the union called the Bush-Cheney campaign. Vice presidential candidate Dick Cheney sits on the board at UP.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the day before Cheney was named George W. Bush's running mate, a union representative warned Bush's political director that new information indicates Overnite executives paid workers to damage property and blame union supporters. (See "Overnite Driver Claims Company Paid Him to Frame Teamsters," July 25 2000.)
The union officials also told the campaign that the union was considering filing a lawsuit against Overnite, Union Pacific, and its directors, including Cheney.
Campaign officials told the Journal that while they appreciated the call, they weren't concerned about it.
Carl von Bernuth, Union Pacific's senior vice president and general counsel, told the paper that he and a law partner will investigate the charges. He said the review has nothing to do with Cheney; that whenever allegations are made about illegal conduct by employees, Union Pacific takes it seriously.