A suspicious fire at Overnite's terminal in Tupelo, Miss., is the subject of the latest affidavit filed with the National Labor Relations Board in the ongoing battle between the less-than-truckload carrier and the Teamsters union.

The Teamsters union last week put out a press release about the affidavit, in which a Yellow Freight worker, whose terminal is across the street from the Overnite facility, described the suspicious actions of an Overnite manager the night of a July 12 fire.
The worker said in an affidavit that he witnessed the Overnite terminal manager speeding out from the back of the terminal shortly after midnight. Ten minutes later, the worker saw the Overnite manager return and drive by the front of the terminal, drive to the end of the street, turn around and drive by the front of the terminal again. Ten minutes later, the Overnite manager allegedly appeared again, drove to the front of the terminal turned around, and drove away. Five minutes later, he pulled up in front of the Overnite terminal, got out of his car and went into Yellow Freight's terminal.
When the Overnite manager came out, the Yellow Freight worker said, he told him that Overnite's terminal was on fire and he had used the phone to report it. According to the affidavit, the Overnite terminal manager did not appear to be very upset or shaken that his terminal was on fire.
When the fire department arrived to put out the fire, the Yellow Freight worker told them what he had witnessed. The Tupelo Fire Department is investigating the possibility of arson.
This is the second time in a week that affidavits have alleged Overnite management engaging in questionable activities in their battle against the union. Last week, a driver for Overnite said the company paid him $10,000 to damage Overnite property and falsely accuse Teamster supporters of wrongdoing so they would be fired.