The Infrastructure minister from Alberta, Canada, wants to hire more enforcement officers to keep an eye on truckers who might be getting a little sleepy behind the wheel.

Ed Stelmech announced the news just one day after trucker Albert Labelle claimed his fellow drivers regularly fake their logbooks to cover up excessive hours they spend on the road, reported the Edmonton Sun.
According to Labelle, Canadian truckers often exceed federal laws requiring them to only drive for 13 hours before having to take an eight-hour break, thanks to unpredictable loading times and tight deadlines. He also called the logbooks "liar books."
Labelle caused a fatal crash in Edmonton two years ago when he lost control of his rig, crossed a median, and struck an eastbound passenger vehicle. He was charged with criminal negligence causing death and criminal negligence causing bodily harm, but the criminal charges were withdrawn Monday after an inspection of his brakes showed they were functioning properly. Labelle was also fined after pleading guilty to charges that he improperly maintained and falsified his logbook entries.
According to Stelmach, the Alberta Infrastructure currently has 136 officers who have the authority to inspect trucks and logbooks, but is still looking into hiring additional officers.