The Truck Trailer Manufacturers Assocation in Alexandria, Va., has elected its officers and directors for 2000-2001.

The officers include: Tom Spencer, Chairman of the Board; Brian Ling, Vice Chairman of the Board and Chairman Convention Committee; Don Wahlin, Treasurer; Bob Foster, Chairman Policy Committee; Kit Hammond, Vice Chairman Policy Committee; Dick Bowling, President; Ray Schaffer, Chairman Tank Conference; Tom Determan, Vice Chairman Tank Conference; Joe Harrison, Chairman for Associates; Bob Dubsky, Vice Chairman for Associates; Joe Gallo, Immediate Past Chairman for Associates; and Jay Nieszel, Vice Chairman Convention Committee.
TTMA's directors are: Kenney Allred, John Cannon, Charles Dutil, Larry Hartog, Bill Herndon, Norm Hutchinson, Frank Katz, Jay Nieszel, Rick Odle, Lorri Palko, Bill Persinger, Jeff Pitts, Scott Semlinger, Dave Shannon, and Jerry Thomsen.
TTMA is made up of truck trailer and tank trailer manufacturers, along with cargo container, cargo tanks for trucks and container chassis manufacturers.