Eaton Truck Components Operation, Galeburg, Mich., has deployed MatrixOne's eMatrix data management system to help improve its manufacturing processes at four sites.

The eMatrix solution gives Eaton the ability to manage and coordinate the development of tooling and manufacturing process plans among its multiple sites. Manufacturing plans are represented in the MatrixOne schema as business objects and relationships. These are associated with data and files from other applications (such as process drawings and tooling
data) and combined in HTML pages that can be easily accessed by shop-floor users through a Web browser. Data created in the MatrixOne solution is also communicated to an external database system to be processed by a cost accounting system.
Manufacturing Service Manager Douglas Wood explained that the company was replacing a non Y2K-compliant system and needed to establish a system that interfaced with both its Oracle ERP and Pro-E CAD systems.
The MatrixOne solution manages data such as specification of a part's manufacturing routing, required tooling, the support of documents and drawings, and the costs to manufacture and assemble the part. The accessibility of this information strengthens Eaton's coordination
between divisions.