The City Council of Rockwall, Texas, has rejected a zoning request by TravelCenters of America that would allow them to rebuild a truckstop and could possibly have ended an ongoing federal lawsuit.

According to the Dallas Morning News, Rockwall’s city council voted 4-3 to approve the changes proposed by TA, but it was not enough. A six-vote majority was needed because the Planning and Zoning Commission did not recommend the changes at a meeting two weeks ago.
TravelCenters' dispute with the city began after the company purchased a 30-year-old truckstop at the intersection of Interstate 30 and State Highway 205 in Rockwall several years ago and decided they wanted to completely rebuild it. Officials with the company later discovered they needed a zoning change before they could begin the renovations.
The Rockwall city council rejected the rezoning request, and about a year ago, TravelCenters filed a lawsuit against the city. A spokesman for TravelCenters said they would drop the suit seeking to force Rockwall to accept their renovation plans if the city approved the changes needed to allow the company to rebuild its truckstop.
Rockwall City Council members have said they don’t feel the truckstop is appropriate for the property. TravelCenters, however, can continue to operate the facility in its current condition.