YMAC is shorthand for You Might Also Consider. The term describes carriers that Logistics.com suggests to shippers seeking bids on its transportation spot markets.

Logistics.com of Burlington, Mass., provides a marketplace in which shippers -- including many of the largest in North America -- find carriers in various modes. Those shippers select the carriers from whom they solicit bids. But in the spot markets, Logistics.com also adds suggestions of its own. Take a shipper soliciting bids from three carriers on the Internet market.
"We give them the three they want," said Logistics.com CEO Yossi Sheffi, "and we give them two more -- you-might-also-consider. It provides a window on the marketplace."
It also gives carriers not named by a shipper -- perhaps a major shipper -- a shot at the business.
According to Sheffi, the number of YMACs changes, sometimes with the number of bids requested. If a shipper requests four bids, he said, Logistics.com many offer three YMACs.
How are YMACs chosen?
According to Sheffi, they must be carriers who meet shippers' pre-defined qualifications. If a number of participating carriers meet those parameters, he said, then the selection is randomized. Eventually, he said the system will suggest all qualified carriers.
Sheffi stressed that YMAC is only provided on Logistics.com's spot markets, not on its long-term contract or tactical market for specific traffic lanes.