A lawyer for Central Distributing Co., Grand Junction, Colo., is disputing a job applicant's claim that he was refused a position as a truck driver because his religious beliefs bar him from cutting his ponytail.

The attorney for the trucking company claims the applicant, James Carillo, did not tell Central that he wears his hair long because of his American Indian religious beliefs, according to the Associated Press.
The AP reports that Carillo was offered employment with a condition that he cut his hair, since the company has a dress code that includes hair above the collar. He came in the next day without a haircut and never mentioned his religious beliefs, Central's attorney said.
Carrillo, 31, said when he was offered the job with Central he was not told he would have to cut off his footlong ponytail until he came in the following day to report for work.
The attorney for Central claims that if the company had been aware of Carrillo’s beliefs, they would have had to take them into consideration to follow their own anti-discrimination policies, and that Carrillo has not approached Central officials since he was sent home early last week.