More than 43,000 trucks and buses were inspected during the 72-hour International Roadcheck 2000 June 6-8, over 4,000 more than last year.

This annual roadside inspection effort is sponsored by the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance and takes place in the United States, Canada and Mexico. This was the first year for participation from the new Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, and the emphasis was on enforcement.
This year, the number of CVSA North American Standard "Level I" Inspections - a complete examination of the mechanical condition of the vehicle as well as the driver's fitness for duty - almost doubled last year's totals (36,697 in 2000 vs. 19,655 in 1999).
More than 25,000 vehicles were found free of critical safety defects. Inspectors placed a CVSA safety decal (good for up to 90 days) on each of those vehicles.
Over 11,000 vehicles (26.3%) of all vehicles inspected during Roadcheck 2000 were placed out of service. Brake problems continued to be the most frequent vehicle out-of-service violation, making up 51% of the out-of-service violations, followed by lights, tires and wheels, load securement and suspension.
Of the over 43,000 drivers that were checked for fitness of duty, 2,374 were placed out of service (5.5%). Hours of service continued to be the most frequent out-of-service violation, accounting for nearly half.
Although in recent years CVSA had toned down the enforcement angle of RoadCheck in favor of highway safety education, this year, with the emphasis on truck safety in Washington, the emphasis went back to enforcement.