The battle for Internet-generated delivery business heated up with the announcement that FedEx Corp. will help small businesses set up sales sites on the Internet.

Customers will access the web pages through Fedex's web page. The Fedex move to link itself with new web businesses increases the competition between the Memphis, Tenn., carrier and Atlanta-based UPS, which announced an Internet initiative of its own.
According to the Associated Press, Fedex will offer web page design, catalog development, immediate payment for purchases and customer service as well as Fedex shipping and tracking. The new service is expected to be launched this summer.
Meanwhile, UPS is launching a yet-to-be named billing service that will act as an intermediary for Internet-based transactions. Through its subsidiary, UPS Capital, the package delivery company could advance money to sellers, collect from buyers and provide various financial services in the process.
The new UPS service, aimed squarely at the rapidly evolving busines-to-business sector on the Internet, will capitalize on UPS's position as the largest carrier in the U.S.