Tom Leedham, former vice president for the Teamsters, has announced his bid to run against President James P. Hoffa for the union’s top position, making this campaign his second attempt.

In the 1998 three-way presidential race, Leedham captured 40% of the votes, coming in second behind Hoffa.
He served as Teamsters international vice president from 1996 to 1998, until he ran for president, and is currently the secretary-treasurer for Local 206 in Portland, Ore. Leedham is also a recording secretary for a joint council.
"The Teamsters need to be the premier organization for the transportation industry," Leedham said. "Our resources should be used to build power to attract drivers who are currently non-union, not to provide perks for elected officials."
He also stressed the importance of an industry-wide organized approach when it comes to his campaign strategy.
"Our campaign is going to strictly focus on the issues that affect Teamsters," he said.