Celadon Group recently celebrated its 1 millionth load to cross the United States-Mexico border with a special ceremony at the new World Trade Bridge in Laredo, Texas.

The Indianapolis-based truckload carrier is the first to accomplish this feat. Celadon driver team James Walton and Fredericka Smith, Anderson, Ind., were honored for transporting the milestone load across the border.
"Today's celebration is really an acknowledgement of the benefits of free trade and the cooperation of the governments of the United States and Mexico," said Celadon Chairman/CEO Steve Russell. "It's important to note that over 600,000 of our 1 million crossings came after the passage of the North American Free Trade Act in 1994." Russell notes that before NAFTA, "Celadon was certainly no stranger to international trade and doing business in Mexico, yet the business incentives to make this market a core part of our business were certainly enhanced after the passage of NAFTA."
Russell says that close to 70% of Celadon's business is connected to Mexico.
Caption: Celadon Chairman/CEO Steve Russell joins Laredo Mayor Elizabeth Flores
in the ceremonial ribbon-cutting prior to the millionth crossing.