Oversized trucks in California are being misrouted, and flaws in the California Department of Transportation's internal communications system are to blame, according to a state audit.

According to the Los Angeles Times, a 30-page report by the state auditor's office said Caltrans officials have already identified the major problems with the truck permitting process.
The audit recommends additional improvements to streamline the way state officials route the trucks.
Caltrans was faulted for relying on two people to take care of field reports of roadway changes and construction projects for the entire state. This shortage of manpower led to problems in communication and allowed for more human error.
Flaws in Caltrans' system became evident last July when a 15-foot-tall fuel truck struck a 14-foot-10 overpass in Anaheim, forcing its cargo onto a nearby car and killing the driver.
As a result, auditors have recommended better staff training and procedures to make employees accountable for failing to adhere to reporting policies.