After being locked out of their jobs for two months, truckers and warehouse workers for Associated Wholesale Grocers in Missouri and Kansaas are going back to work.

Teamsters workers in Springfield, Mo., and Kansas City, Kan., were locked out of their jobs April 1 when their previous contract expires and AWG outsourced its trucking and warehouse operations to non-union companies. After the lockout, the union started picketing warehouses and handing out flyers at grocery stores urging customers to boycott the stores.
According to the Associated Press, in an agreement approved Saturday by the union, Associated Wholesale Grocers agreed to pay about $3.5 million in lost wages to employees.. AWG also promised to increase wages by $1.60 an hour, and improve pension and health care benefits.
Part of the agreement includes a contract between the union and the third-party companies that Overnite contracted to take over warehouse operations.
The new eight-year contracts followed a National Labor Relations Board ruling against AWG on five charges, including bad-faith bargaining.
In addition, Teamsters in Oklahoma City reached a tentative seven-year contract with AWG, which will continue to manage the Oklahoma City warehouse. More than 200 employees in Oklahoma City walked out April 4, joining the 1,200 drivers and warehouse workers from Springfield and Kansas City who were locked out.