NetNearU Corp. of College Station, Tex., has announced an agreement with Bell Atlantic that may put more NetNearU (NNU) Internet kiosks in truck stops.
The agreement calls for Bell Atlantic, the telephone giant, to install and operate NNU Internet terminals in public locations.
NNU Internet terminals are currently found in airports, restaurants, retail outlets and other public places. According to NNU spokesman Phillip J. Storin, the terminals are currently installed in approximately 150 truckstops and that number is expected to grow.
"Truckstops provide the highest usage of any location and are quite profitable," he said.
NNU terminal users can browse the World Wide Web, send and receive text and video e-mail messages, access online services, play video games and print documents. Terminals are equipped with a floppy drive to download files and e-mail attachments from the Internet. Users can pay with cash, credit card or an NNU prepaid card.
NNU kiosks come in various configurations, including a semi-private sit-down model, a full desk model with a 17-inch monitor embedded in the desktop, a counter-top model and a standup model.
Bell Atlantic provides local and long distance telephone service in the Northeast, plus wireless and telecommunications products worldwide.